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DYD Support

1. What is Spectranet 100% Bonus Offer

This is a planned promotional offer by Spectranet designed to offer additional data at no extra cost to all her Customers who renew on any Monthly Data Capped plan during and on the promo date.

2. What Channel of renewals will qualify me to enjoy the 100% Bonus offer?

100% Bonus may be open to all channels of renewal (Online, Shops, IVR, Call Center) and via online platforms (Interswitch, Quickteller, WebPay, Mypaga, E-Transact, Jumiapay.com, Selfcare Portal/Mobile)

3. How will I know what channels to use during 100% Bonus Offer?

SMS/Email Notification will be sent out on the promo Date to Notify all eligible Customers

4. If I renew my account on the Unlimited Plan will I enjoy the 100% Bonus offer

No. Yes. Renewal must be posted only on any Monthly Data Capped Plan to enjoy the Bonus data

5. What Days of the Week or Month will 100% Bonus Data be available?

Information about 100% Bonus is communicated to Our Subscribers during this activity.

6. My Account auto renewed on 100% Bonus Data, Will I enjoy the double data?

Yes. Double Data will be credited within one hour of renewal otherwise, contact the Call center on: 07002345678 or chat with us @ www.spectranet.com.ng for assistance

7. How Can I get more information on the 100% Bonus Offer?

You may Visit our Outlet, contact the Call center on: 07002345678 or chat with us @ www.spectranet.com.ng for assistance or visit our support page on our website: www.spectranet.com.ng

8. I made payment using Interswitch/ Quickteller/ Mypaga e.t.c and payment was not credited on the activity date; will I still enjoy the offer?

No. 100% Bonus Data can only be enjoyed if renewal is posted on the communicated/activity date.

9. What is the Validity period of this offer?

100% Bonus is valid from 00:00:00hrs of the communicated date to 11:59pm of the same date.

10. When is the Next 100% Bonus Offer?

You will be notified via SMS/Email/Website/Mobile App when offer is available.

11. Is 100% an all Year Round event in Spectranet?

Spectranet ONLY have approval for 100% Bonus yearly and renewable subject to approval by the NIGERIAN TELECOMMUNICATION COMMISION.

12. Who is eligible for Spectranet 100% Bonus Offer?

The 100% Bonus Offer is available to all Spectranet Subscribers basis their category, Plan Type and account status on the activity date.

13. I renewed on the offer day but bonus was not added?

Please contact our 24*7 Contact Center 07002345678, chat with us : www.spectranet.com.ng or write us at care@spectranet.com.ng for assistance.

14. What other benefit would I enjoy for renewing on the 100% promo Day?

None. During the Promotional Offer, all other bonus or benefits accruable for renewing account will be place on hold. 100% Bonus supersedes all other promo offers.

15. I received a text message to renew account and enjoy Bonus data but I renewed a day after, will I enjoy this promo offer?

No. 100% Bonus Data can only be enjoyed if renewal is posted on the activity Day and on any Monthly Data capped Plan.

16. I Missed The 100% Bonus Offer because I did not get the notification?

Please turn off all Operator DND activated on your mobile Number to enable receipt of 100% Bonus communication.

17. I always miss the Promo Offer as my due to delayed delivery of SMS notification?

Please download the Spectranet Mobile App from Google Play Store or Apple Store to get real Time notification of Spectranet promotional Offers

18. I renewed my account at the SHOP during Online 100% Bonus Offer, will I enjoy the promo offer?

No. During Online 100% Bonus, ONLY accounts renewed online(Interswitch, Quickteller, WebPay, Mypaga, E-Transact, Jumiapay.com, Selfcare Portal/Mobile etc) will enjoy the offer. Renewal at the Shop does not qualify you.

19. How do I confirm that my account has been credited with 100% Bonus Data?

You may login to the Spectranet Mobile App or visit selfcare.spectranet.com.ng to view bonus Data.

20. I checked the Mobile App but I could only see Data Bank?

To View Bonus Data Bank, click on the drop Down Menu at the top right hand of the Data Bank and select Bonus Bank to view Bonus

21. I have multiple Accounts; how would I know which account is eligible for the 100% Bonus Offer?

The SMS notification will carry the eligible User ID and Promo Date.

22. I renewed My account Twice during the 100% Bonus Offer, will my account be credited with twice the Bonus Data?

Yes. Multiple renewal qualifies you for Bonus equal to the number of times renewal was posted.

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