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What is 4G LTE?

A: 4G LTE is an advanced Technology deployed by major telecom companies worldwide. Spectranet brings Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology on its 2.3 GHz band to your home and office.

Where can I get more information about Spectranet 4G LTE?

A: Information about Spectranet 4G LTE is available on this website. Alternatively, please call our customer care line at 08002345678 or 07002345678. You may also write to us on or via our live chat.

Why should I subscribe to Spectranet 4G LTE services?

A: Compared to other Internet Service Providers in Nigeria, Long Term Evolution (LTE) on 2.3Ghz spectrum is currently the most advanced wireless access technology.

With Spectranet 4G LTE, you will enjoy:

  • High speed Internet access without any messy cables and wires.
  • Better quality of service, without interruptions.
  • Seamless Internet experience.
  • Responsive Customer service available 24 hours of the day.

Who is eligible to subscribe for Spectranet 4G LTE services?

A: To subscribe to Spectranet 4GLTE services, you MUST be over 18 years old with a valid Identification Document. If you are a foreigner, you will need to produce a valid passport and VISA. For more details on documents, kindly call our customer care helpline on 08002345678/07002345678 or send a mail to

I am a foreigner. Am I still eligible to subscribe to Spectranet 4G LTE services?

A: Yes! You are eligible to subscribe to our Spectranet 4G LTE services. You are required to submit copy of valid Passport & VISA, a passport photpgraph and residential permit.

Can I have more than one Spectranet 4G LTE account/subscription?

A: Yes!A customer can purchase up to five(5) Spectranet devices. However, ALL ACCOUNTS MUST be registered with SAME deails, such as email address, phone number and Name.

What is the data transfer speed and service uptime guaranteed by Spectranet 4G LTE?

I am on a Free Night Browsing plan, but not able to use the internet at night anymore?

A: Any FREE privilege is associated with subscribed data balance on your account. Please check your account balance at Self-Care to confirm if you have exhausted the primary / subscribed data volume. FREE NIGHT BROWSING or any other privilege associated with your account ceases to exist if primary subscription entitlement/s (data/time) have been exhausted.

Is it possible to rollover balance unused data to next month? 

A: Rollover of balance data is available on some data capped plans offered by Spectranet Unused data can be rolled over if the consumer renews on or before the expiry of GRACE PERIOD.

What is Grace Period?

A: Grace period: This is the additional time frame provided to customers to renew their account and roll over the unused data or left over data to the subsequent month (Capped Plans Only). Spectranet currently gives a Grace period of Seven(7)days.

What do I need to enjoy Spectranet 4G LTE services?

To enjoy Spectranet 4G LTE, following 3 pre-requisite are required to be fulfilled:

Desktop / Laptop, ipad or Smartphone with minimum System Requirements
Spectranet 4G LTE Access Device (WiFi CPE,MIFI or OUTDOOR DEVICE)
Must be within Spectranet 4GLTE Coverage area.

How can I make payments to my Spectranet 4G LTE account?

A: Using Quickteller: Open to make payments for your subscription
Using Payoutlet: Open www.Payoutlet.Net/Spectranet to make payments for your subscription
Using MyPaga: Open www.Mypaga.Com/Spectranet to make payments for your subscription
Using Jumia One: Open Https://One.Jumia.Com.Ng to make payments for your subscription
Using Self Care: Make renewals from Self Care Account using WEBPAY services.

Use Recharge Vouchers:
Recharge vouchers can be loaded via self-care portal
log on to
log in with your User and your Password
Click on Refill account using voucher.
Input recharge voucher’s serial Number and PIN in the box provided and click submit to complete transaction.

Pay By POS / Cash:
Payments are accepted at all Spectranet Shop and support offices.
Payment/transfer can also be made into Spectranet's bank accounts (available on out webite). When done with payment, kindly scan/snap a clear picture of payment teller or screenshot of successful transfer transaction and send to us at for us

What are Spectranet 4G LTE’s recharge card denominations

A: Recharge vouchers savailable in N500, N1000, N2000, N5000, N7000 and 10000 denominations .

Where can I buy Spectranet 4G LTE’s Recharge Vouchers?

A: Vouchers are available at Spectranet Shops and any approved Spectranet dealer outlet.


Is your Unlimited Data plan truly Unlimited.

A: All Unlimited Data plans offered by Spectranet Limited are Truly Unlimited with Burstable Speed and FUP Limit.

What does FUP mean.

A: FUP is an abbreviation for Fair Usage Limit. Once the limit is reached, access to internet continues at a reduced Speed till the expiration of validity.

My Unlimited Gold plan is capped at 120GB?

A: The Unlimited Gold plan is not capped at 120GB which is the FUP limit. Speed offer only reduces to the FUP Speed limit till the validity expires.

I renewed my account some days back and currently experiencing slow speed after reaching the FUP.

A: You have reached the FUP limit. Therefore speed offer has reduced from the previous Burstable speed to 512kbps. Kindly reduce the number of connected gadgets for better internet experience.

Do I get the Free Unlimited Night browsing on the Unlimited Gold or Diamond Plan.

A: The Unlimited Gold and Diamond plans does not have the Unlimited Free Night browsing offer.

Why does the Unlimited Gold & Unlimited Diamond plan not have the Free Unlimited Night Browsing offer?

A: The Unlimited Gold & Unlimited Diamond plans are a monthly non data capped plans with continuous internet access despite FUP Limit reach.

Will my unused FUP Limit roll-over if not exhausted?

A: Roll-over only applies to the Data capped plans where the unused GB purchased from previous renewal is added to the renewed data package.

Can I top-up my Data after the FUP limit is reached.

A: Data top-up only applies to the Data capped plans.

I want to activate the Unlimited Plan and a data capped plan so I can enjot the Free night browsing package.

A: Only one data plan can be activated within a billing cycle.

Are there any other condition which I should be aware of, as a Spectranet user on UNLIMITED GOLD plan?

A: Spectranet reserves the right to limit download speed to 8 Mbps in the first 120GB in view of maintaining uniform service levels for all customers.

What will happen to the Data Balance I have on my account before migrating to the Unlimited Data plan? Will I lose it?

A: Data balance as available on Spectranet user’s account on date of “Plan Change” will be “Stored” separately.

I want to change from UNLIMITED plan back to my original plan (before changing to UNLIMITED plan). Will I get my stored data balance?

A: Data balance stored in account on the date of changing to UNLIMITED plan, will be added to Spectranet User’s account.

Can I choose to leave UNLIMITED data plan?

A: Spectranet user can choose to change back to any Data capped plan at any instance

I have been away from your network for a while but wants to renew, what do I stand to get?.

A: There are several WIN BACK offers for our Inactive Customers. Kindly visit then click on SHOW ME THE OFFERS and input your User ID to view the eligible Bonus offer for the account.

Is there FUP on the Unlimited Free Night Browsing package.

A: The Free Unlimited Free Night Browsing package has 200GB FUP where speed limit also reduces to 512kbps.

Is there FUP on the Unlimited Free Morning Browsing package.

A: The Free Unlimited Morning Browsing package has 200GB FUP where speed limit also reduces to 512kbps.

What is the difference between the Unlimited Weekly and Unlimited Weekend plan?

A: The Unlimited Weekly plan is valid for ONE week with 20GB FUP limit while the Unlimited Weekend plan is valid for a weekend with 10GB FUP limit.

If I renew my account on the Unlimited Weekend plan on Sunday, when will my validity expire.

A: Your Account will be accessible on that same Sunday renewal was processed and the next Saturday from 12am to 11:59pm.

If I renew my account on the Unlimited Weekly plan on Sunday, when will my validity expire.

A: Your Account will be accessible on Sunday to 12am the following Saturday being a week from the renewal day.

What happens to my account once the Unlimited weekly OR weekend FUP limit is reached.

A: Internet only becomes accessible at the FUP speed limit (512KBPS) till the expiration of validity.

Will I also benefit from the Double Data offer if I renew on any of the Unlimited Data package?

A: Double data offer is strictly for the Data capped plans with no FUP limit.


When can I apply for UNIFIED STAY CONNECTED 50GB plan?

A: All Spectranet users on any existing commercial plan can opt for the plan at any time before or after expiry date of existing subscription.

Who can apply for UNIFIED VALUE 50GB Plan?

A: UNIFIED VALUE 50GB plan is presently available to all customers on any commercial plans.

I want to change to UNIFIED STAY CONNECTED plan. What should I do?

A: As a Spectranet user, you have the following options to change to UNIFIED Value 50GB plan or vice-versa

  • Login to Spectranet Self-care at your convenience. Ensure your account is adequately funded or add payment using Self-care Refill Account option. Choose Renew Account Immediately | Different Plan on Account Summary page. Select UNIFIED STAY CONNECTED plan and Submit. Your plan will be changed to UNIFIED STAY CONNECTED plan and new expiry date will be set.
  • Visit any Spectranet Shop to make payment to your account and request change of plan to UNIFIED VALUE 50GB plan.
  • Visit any Spectranet Channel Partner shops to make payment to your account and request change of plan to UNIFIED VALUE 50GB plan.

Can I choose to opt out of the UNIFIED STAY CONNECTED plan?

A: Spectranet user can choose to change back to any UNIFIED VALUE data capped plan at any instance.

Is Data Rollover Applicable On The UNIFIED STAY CONNECTED?

A: Yes. Data Roll Over is applicable as per Spectranet Roll Over terms and conditions. Visit:

Are There Any Other Condition Which I Should Be Aware of, As A Spectranet User On UNIFIED STAY CONNECTED 50gb Plan?

A: Yes, free unlimited night browsing applies from 1 am – 8 am. More so, Spectranet reserves the right to limit download speed to 8 Mbps for the first 50GB in view of maintaining uniform service levels for all customers.

Post usage of 50GB on the unified Stay Connect Plan FUP of 512KBPS will no longer be available. Users will be required to do a top-up plan to have access to the internet.

Will I also benefit from the Double Data offer if I renew on the UNIFIED STAY CONNECTED 50GB?

A: Yes. Double data is available if renewal on the Unified Stay Connected 50GB is posted during 100% Bonus Offer.

Is there FUP on the Unlimited Free Night Browsing package.

A: The Free Unlimited Night Browsing package has 200GB FUP post which speed throttles at 512kbps.

Can I top-up my Data after my allocated data is exhausted on the UNIFIED STAY CONNECTED.

A: Yes. Data top-up applies once allocated data is exhausted or while there is available data. Note: Data Top up will not extend Validity of Plan

Can I enjoy the Unlimited Night Browsing after exhausting my Allocated Data (Day Time Data) on the UNIFIED STAY CONNECTED?

No. Unlimited Night Browsing between 1am and 8am will only be available when Day time data is not exhausted.

My account was renewed over 30 minutes on the UNIFIED STAY CONNECTED and the Bonus data is yet to reflect.

Bonus Data will be added within 30 minutes of Renewal, but post this time you may Please write to us at or call the helpdesk number: 07002345678 for prompt resolution


Why is this offer called Do More?

A: This is because the data bundle offered is over and above what is obtainable in the market today.

What is Special About Do More bundle plans?

A: Do more bundle plan is special in three interesting ways? First:
The Data Bundle now offers you Unlimited Morning Browsing of up to 120hrs between 4am to 8am on the plans of N3070 to N7165.
Secondly, The Data allowed on each plan has being increased significantly.
Lastly, the Unlimited Morning browsing has now been extended to 8am from the previous 7am session end time.

Will the change in data allocated cause a corresponding change in prices of spectranet product and services?

A: No. Prices of product and services remain unchanged

If I receive a text message for double data, will the current DO MORE bundle benefit be doubled if I renew my account?

A: Yes. The data will be doubled i.e 100% Bonus will be given.

I already renewed my account this yesterday before the new Do More Bundle benefits was announced, will my data be changed?

A: No. All renewal before the announcement will only receive the previous data allowed.

Will I find information on the DO MORE Bundle benefits on spectranet Websites?

Yes. Do More Bundle plans are available on our websites: Please visit:

Will the Do More Plans be available on other channels of renewals like Quickteller, Web Pay and Mobile Bank App?

A: Yes. The New Changes have been update on all Renewal Platforms.

Will the increase in Data bundle allowance on DO MORE leads to increased billing during browsing session?

A: NO. There will be no changes to the current billing system.

If I buy a new device from Spectranet, will the new increase in bundle reflect on the New Device I am buying?

A: Yes. All Policy Plans coming with a new device will carry the new Changes.

Will Spectranet increase the data bundle on all Unlimited Plans (Always ON)?

A: No. ONLY the Unlimited Gold Plan has a new Bundle of 120GB FUP as against the 100GBFUP

Can I continue on the Old Plan if I do not want to switch to the new?

A: Yes. The Old Plans will be available for continuity but will not be available once you have migrated out.

Can I activate a top up Plan once I have exhausted my allocated Data on the New Bundle?

A: Yes. You can activate Data Top Up to match with your existing validity period.

If I renew on the New DO MORE Bundle, will I get a roll-over of my existing data?

A: Yes. Your existing unused data will be rolled Over from the previous unrevised bundle plan.


I received an SMS and OR E-mail notification for Double Data offer Today but I am yet to be credited after renewal.

A: Double data will be credited within 30 minutes of renewal of account on any data capped plan.

I have since credited my account but the Double Data is not reflecting.

A: Renewal of account is required for Double Data eligibility on offer days.

The Offer mail and SMS I received says my account will be credited with N1000 and 5GB data but the same did not reflect after renewal.

A: Cashback amount and Bonus Data will be credited into the User ID in the offer mail or SMS within 30 minutes of account activation on offer day.

My account was renewed over 30 minutes and the Bonus data as well as other offer is yet to reflect.

A: Please write to us at for prompt resolution.

When next is your Double Data Offer

A: Kindly confirm your offer for the day through our Website

My Bonus data is debited even when I browse during the free Unlimited Night Browsing period

Yes. On exhaustion of Bonus Data, usage will start deduction from Paid data and data consumed during the Unlimited night browsing period will be Free

Can I renew multiple times to build up my Bonus Data.

A: Renewal can be processed multiple times on a Bonus Offer days to build up data balance.

I do note get bonus data after renewal on Unlimited data plan.

A: Double data offer is strictly for the Data capped plans with no FUP limit.

I still have an existing subscription plan but wants Bonus Data.

A: Please renew your account on our next Double Data offer day for eligibility.

Can I transfer my Bonus Data?

A: Bonus Data and all other Promotional offers are non-transferrable.

Can I roll-over my Bonus Data?

A: Roll-over only applies on Bonus Data balance when renewal is processed on another promotional offer day where a Bonus data offer is running. Bonus data is added to your existing bonus data bank and valid for the renewal period only.

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