First Bank

Pay or Renew With Your Bank Account

Now You Can Pay Or Renew Your Spectranet Account Using Your Bank’s Website or Mobile App

FirstBank Nigeria | Bills And Utilities Payment                            Login to your banking application
  • Select pay bills option
  • Select internet services option
  • Select Spectranet limited
  • Choose between...
    @ Refill account (add money for plan change or auto renewal in future) or
    @ Renew account (renew existing subscription plan with immediate effect)
  • Enter Spectranet UserID at ref. Number (reference number) section
  • Complete payment formalities for account to be renewed immediately or payment to be added to account
  • Restart Spectranet device after renewal for services to be provisioned on the account

  • Alternatively, if you want to pay a banks tellers, please use account numbers below and send scanned teller copy to . Please mention UserID when sharing teller copy
    Abuja: 2023929144
    Lagos: 2021922196