Spectra Outdoor Modem + 300GB

Spectra Outdoor Modem

Product details

  • Comes with FUP 300GB + UNL @ 1Mbps
  • Higher Signal Strength
  • High Gain Directional Antenna
  • Superior Signal Quality
  • Communication Hub For Enterprise Business
  • In-Built URL Web Filters For Web-Site Restriction

Product Specification

  • Compatibility:Supports 4G and 3G networks.
  • High Gain Directional Antenna
  • Maximum Devices Connected: Connects up to 20 devices simultaneously.
  • Wi-Fi Frequency: Supports 2.4GHz frequency.
  • Two Antennas For Higher Signal Gain

  • Note:
    Additional installation fee applies
N 80,000         Buy Now

Note: Price mentioned above is inclusive of VAT

**10GB Bonus Data on N5000 Plan and above for the next six (6) Renewals within 190Days of Activation