Spectranet Jara Scheme

On your Next Recharge


Feel the joy of receiving rewards every time you recharge your Spectranet Account!
Yes, earn points as you subscribe your preferred data plan. It’s all plus, no minus!

Your reward is delivered to you in “Jara Points”

Earn up to 10% “Jara Points”


Earn 1 Jara Point for every 1 Naira spent
E.gBuy N3750 worth of data and Earn 375 Jara Point

All accumulated Jara points will be received in customer’s “Jara Bucket” and is transferable to your “Spectranet Account Wallet”. A Customer can transfer a minimum of 3000 Jara points at a time.

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How it works

Spectranet ‘Jara’ is a loyalty program (Recharge and Earn) designed to reward our loyal subscribers.
It’s Simple…Renew your account, Only on 30days Validity Plans.

1. Renew your Spectranet Account

2. Receive 10% of your Total Recharge Value into your “Spectranet Jara” Bucket

3. Withdraw Jara Points into your Spectranet Account Wallet

4. Your transferred Jara Points is converted to Naira for your use at any day and time of choice

Keep Recharging,Keep Earning


A: Jara points are loyalty rewards that customers receive for renewing eligible plans with Spectranet. These points can be accumulated and redeemed for various benefits.

A: You earn Jara points by renewing your eligible Spectranet plan. For every renewal made within 7 days of account expiry, you receive 10% of the renewal amount as Jara points.

A: Jara points are available for renewal on eligible plans only. Long validity plans, Ultra value plans, internal accounts, test accounts, dealer, and channel partner accounts are not eligible for Jara points

A: Yes, you can accumulate Jara points. Once you reach a minimum of 3000 points, you can start redeeming them.

A: Renewals processed after 7 days of account expiry will not be eligible for Jara points. However, you will become eligible for Jara points on subsequent renewals if plan is renewed within 7 days.

A: Yes, inactive customers who have been inactive for 7 days or more will not be eligible for Jara points upon renewal. However, they will become eligible for Jara points on subsequent renewals if processed within 7 days of account expiry.

A: You can redeem your Jara points by logging into the Spectranet self-care portal at selfcare.spectranet.com.ng and clicking on the Jara Point check box while initiating renew/change plan action.

A: If your plan is not renewed or Jara points are not redeemed within 7 days of plan expiry, the Jara points will expire.

A: No, Jara points cannot be suspended due to a customer being out of coverage area.

A: No, account suspension does not sustain Jara points. Jara points will remain unaffected.

A: No, Jara points cannot be transferred from one account to another.

A: No, lost Jara points cannot be regained.

A: You can accumulate as many Jara points as you renew within 7 days of plan expiry. Jara points will be added and accumulated accordingly.

A: Yes, if your plan is still active within the swap period or within 7 days after plan expiry, you will recover your Jara points.

A: No, compensation will only be provided for lost validity days as per Spectranet's Compensation policy.

A: Jara points are valid for 365 days. Users are advised to redeem them within this period, or they will be forfeited.

A: Jara points redeemed can only be used for plan renewal not as credit in monetary balance.

A: Any Spectranet customer who renews on any of Spectranet's Domore Plan, Kulele Plan, Always ON Plan, 3D Plan, Unlimited Plans, and Mini Plans is eligible for Jara points.

A: No, Jara points are only awarded upon plan renewal. Since no renewal was posted, you are not eligible for Jara points.

A: To renew using the Jara Points, eligible customers need to click on "Use SPECTRANET JARA POINTS" while attempting to renew, and the Loyalty Reward Points (Jara points) will be utilized for the plan renewal.

A: No, eligible Customers can no longer redeem the Reward points into their Monetary Balance but can only be used to renew their plan.

A: No, if an eligible customer uses the funds in their loyalty reward wallet (Jara wallet) to renew their plan, the same will not be eligible for Jara points for that specific renewal. However, if the customer initiates plan renewal using their monetary balance while using part of the Jara points to compensate for the deficit in plan amount, the renewal will be eligible for 10% of the renewal amount as Jara points.

A: The following plans do not qualify for Jara points:

  • Ultra Value Plans
  • Long Validity Plans
  • Employee Excess Plan
  • Internal Plan


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