How to get Double Data with Spectranet 'DoMore' Data Plans

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5 Reasons To Choose Spectranet ‘DOMORE’ Plans

5 Reasons To Choose Spectranet ‘DOMORE’ Plans

Tired of constantly running out of data? Look no further than Spectranet's ‘DoMore’ data plans! With Spectranet, you get generous data allowances, and during special promotions, you can snag double the data – perfect for streaming, gaming, and staying connected.

This blog will reveal how to activate Spectranet's Double Data offer and introduce you to the amazing features of our DoMore data plans.


1.      Spectranet DoMore: Your Data Powerhouse

 Spectranet's DoMore plans are designed for users who crave an uninterrupted internet experience. These plans boast:

Increased Data Allowances: Compared to previous plans, DoMore plans are packed with features to fuel your digital life. It offers significantly more data for your money, letting you browse, download, and upload with ease.

2.      Free Night Browsing:

Enjoy unrestricted internet access during the night (typically between 1am and 8am) on most DoMore plans – ideal for catching up on shows, movies, or late-night gaming sessions.

3.      Reliable 4G LTE Network:

Experience blazing-fast internet speeds with Spectranet's robust 4G LTE network, ensuring smooth streaming and lag-free gaming.

4.      Double the Fun with Spectranet's Double Data!

Spectranet periodically runs Double Data promotions, granting you twice the data on your chosen DoMore plan. This translates to double the browsing power, double the entertainment, and double the value for your money!

5.      Earn 10% Money Back on All Recharges on Do More Data Plans!

Yes, with Spectranet Jara, you earn back 10% of the total value of your recharge every time you renew on the DoMore Data plan. Feel the joy of receiving rewards every time you recharge your Spectranet Account!




To snag Spectranet's Double Data offer, keep an eye out for announcements on Spectranet's website, emails, or SMS notifications.


Here's a quick guide:

Stay Alert: Watch Spectranet's Marketing channels for updates on the Double Data promotion. Keep an eye on our website  

Renew During the Promo Period: Ensure you renew your DoMore plan when the Double Data offer is active.

Double Data Activated! Sit back, relax, and enjoy twice the data on your Spectranet connection.

Spectranet: Your Gateway to a Fulfilled Digital Life

Spectranet goes beyond just providing internet.We offer a variety of data plans to suit your needs, along with a dependable 4G LTE network and fantastic promotions like Double Data.

So, why wait? Switch to Spectranet network today and unleash your inner data beast!


Visit our website to learn more about our plans and Double Data offers.


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