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The second academic term for primary and secondary schools in Nigeria is now over. The holidays are here again!

With the kids at home and parents up and about in their daily hustle, it becomes an active worry about how to keep the children occupied and entertained at home. Agreed, parents might be busy and all, but the holidays are important, as it is a time when students finally get the chance to take a break from studies to rest, learn other life skills and pursue their hobbies.

To make this holiday easy for you as a parent, we have put together six (6) ways busy parents can use the internet to engage their children this holiday.

  1. Engage in Heartwarming Conversations (Talk and Listen): Even with a busy working schedule, parents can still feel close to home by investing in a smart home broadband device that allows them to connect with their kids over video calls and other teleconferencing channels. Spend time this holiday having free, warm, and open conversations with your kids. Make them feel safe and loved. Listen more and allow them to unburden their thoughts to you. Validate their emotions to make sure they feel heard. Studies have shown that teenagers who are shown affection at home are more likely to do better in school compared to those that don’t receive this type of family attention.
  2. Health Checks: Schedule a hospital appointment for the kids during the holidays. It is a great time for dental checks, eye checks, nutrition upgrades, routine tests, etc. Taking time to run routine checks during the holiday will reduce your child’s risk of getting sick when school resumes, it can help to detect potentially life-threatening health conditions or diseases early and increase the chances for treatment and cure. Busy parents can easily book a session online and set a reminder for their scheduled appointment
  3. Learn a Life Skill Online: Subscribe to high-speed home broadband internet that provides connects all your home devices, mobile phones, computers, and laptops simultaneously. This will enable your child/children) to start learning valuable life skills online from the safety of your home. Your kids can practice cooking, photography, programming, videography, start a Vlog/Blog, and even join prize-winning competitions. These activities keep them safely engaged and entertained at home while parents are up and about on their business. Get an unlimited internet connection for your home that will sufficiently support these holiday activities.
  4. Family Bonding: Everyone needs to have a sense of belonging, and the knowledge of a safe place that they can trust. This cannot be taught, but can only be experienced, and felt. School holidays are the best time to introduce the extended family to your children. Spend some time laughing, talking, sharing, and having fun together.

    With a reliable fibre internet connection, you can bond and share quality time with valuable members of the family who leave far away. Enjoy video calls, online games, movie nights, etc as a family. 

  5. Sightseeing and Recreation: The holiday season is a perfect time to take your kids on outdoor exploration. Research online for really great locations and recreation spots you can visit.

    You boost self-development and sharpen your child’s social interaction skills by taking them to public places, parks, picnics, resorts, and other recreation centres where they can learn new things and practice what they learned during the school year. 

  6. Reorganize your home: Spend time this holiday decluttering and reorganizing the home with your children. Get an unlimited internet plan that allows you to stream DIY home reorganization videos on YouTube and Netflix.

Here are some reorganization activities to try together:

  • Declutter their wardrobes: Take out old or outgrown clothes and shoes, then make a list of new items needed.
  • Redecorating: Try rearranging and improving the outlook of your children’s wardrobe. You may choose to repaint, buy new furniture, put up new paintings or buy new plants.
  • Shopping: Enjoy family time shopping for back-to-school items, groceries, and other home essentials.

Try these tips and invest in a high-speed and reliable internet connection that will sufficiently support you and your children during the holiday.

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