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The Wifi Network has got you covered! Lots of offers for an amazing browsing experience.

The Wifi Network has got you covered! Lots of offers for an amazing browsing experience.

The Wifi Network has got you covered! Lots of offers for an amazing browsing experience.

We live in a world of possibilities. The Internet is arguably the greatest thing to happen to humanity in recent memory and the reason is not far-fetched. Statistics don’t lie: day and night, every minute and every hour, millions and millions of people are on their laptops and mobile devices, connecting to everyone and everything that means the world to them. 

According to, there are over 140 million mobile phone users in Nigeria who are all over the social media space on a daily basis. That means terabytes of data will be needed and consumed for uploads, downloads, online courses, video gaming, live streaming of movies, musical shows, football matches and what have you.

As we all know, an exciting browsing experience isn’t just about data, it is also about the state of your modem – for instance, is your modem broken, damaged, suffered wear and tear etc. Amazing browsing is also about how you stay connected with friends and family. Of course, you cannot enjoy the Internet all by yourself. You need to be connected to friends, family and more! An amazing browsing experience is also about the quantity of data at your disposal, either purchased or given as freebies e.g. bonus data or some free unlimited data – that is, if your service provider really cares. 

Well, Spectranet – the WiFi Network, makes all the difference. If you’ve got a few minutes, then let’s cut the chase and see what is on the offer table for your own browsing benefits. 

Free Unlimited Data of up to 200 hours – it’s time to live your dreams!

Just curious right now! Yes, like seriously curious! When people ask: “How was your night?” what are they actually trying to find out? Some people say it is offensive, that it means this and that! But, knowing what I know now, I feel “How was your night?” should actually be a fantastic question especially if you have an amazing plan. Chill, here is what it is!

Do you know that nighttime is a great time to actually be alive to your dreams? Pardon the metaphor! Nighttime is a time to be up and awake to a lot of things that help to drive your dream up to a great start or get your dream down to an amazing finish! But that is only possible if you have an amazing data plan from your internet provider. In other words, “How was your night?” is a great question if you have you have a Spectranet device to enjoy the Free Unlimited Browsingfrom 1 am to 8 am depending on the plan of your choice! Yes and yes!

Now that you know – great data plans at Spectranet come with amazing benefits you can’t resist – that is if you really do love browsing and getting things done on the Internet. Since we all live in a global village, it means daytime in one part of the world could be nighttime in another. For instance, Stanley has the desire to do some online courses but the scheduled time for the classes is from 1 o’clock in the morning for6 hours. Well, Stanley will only have to bother with his course fees because the cost of data does not apply to Spectranet – the WiFi Network! Yes, Stanley will definitely enjoy Free Unlimited Data for as long as the course lasts. If the course lasts for three months and holds every weeknight that totals over one thousand hours of Free Unlimited Data! Can you beat that? 

With Free Unlimited Data you could be well ahead of your time and become the star of your dream. No puns intended! Great thinkers and shakers of our time do so much in the wee hours: the inventors, writers, scientists, innovators, game-changers, mind shifters, pacesetters, trendsetters, name it; and you could be one of them!

It gets even better with a weekly 100% Bonus Data

You can’t get it more exciting anywhere else. Even with affordable data plans and options that meet your needs on Spectranet – the WiFi Network, we know you could be out of data sometimes and may not have the means to get back online at a critical moment. We always get you covered with weekly 100% bonus data so you can go all the way with more data for the same value! Yes, with Bonus Data offers on Sundays via digital renewals, 9GB for instance means 18GB for the price of 9GB! Read that again! That is absolutely correct! The WiFi Network is about data options and benefits that are not only affordable but also trusted and reliable to deliver a superfast browsing experience in your home or office, on any of the data-capped monthly plans. 

What would you do without Family & Friends?

We share the strong belief at Spectranet that an amazing Internet experience is all about family and friends – and business, of course! Yes, connecting to the people that make your world go round is an exciting way to add spice to an already exciting life or to one that is in need of some zest. And we love to put our money where our mouth is with the Family & Friends promo from time to time. It is a great opportunity to buy a Spectranet device at a highly discounted rate and gift it to a friend or a dear family member. Imagine getting a brand new device for much less just to make a kind statement. That way, you’re sharing love and ensuring that everyone you call family or friend is connected to your world and you to theirs. Family is love and friendship is an experience to treasure for a lifetime. 

Device Replacement Offer – yes, nothing should stop your browsing experience

‘Oops!’ Accident, they say, happens! No matter how meticulous we may be in handling our mobile phones or gadgets, for instance, they get old or damaged in time. As it is with such gadgets, so it is with a Spectranet device. But we cannot turn our back on you when your device is in need of replacement. We thought of a smart way out of it – yes, just for you! Are you now thinking about that Spectranet device you had abandoned? Go get it and dash to a Spectranet designated shop for replacement – for just a token. With that, you will surely get back on track for more browsing! You know that feeling when you think something of yours is not of much use anymore because it is faulty or broken or – well, don’t stress it! If it is a Spectranet device, we’ve got you covered. 


Final note

Spectranet – the WiFi Network is the pioneer 4GLTE Internet network in Nigeria with diverse products and services that are reliable, affordable and trusted to deliver to your home, estate, or office a superfast Internet experience. The service portfolios include 4GLTE, Enterprise Business and Fixed Ultra-Broadband (Home Fiber & Fiber On Air). Learn more at



Are the Free Unlimited Data benefits only on one data plan? 

No. Free Unlimited Data is available on the doMore plans: Mega Value Plan and Unified Value Plan

For the Family & Friends Offer, does each device come with complimentary data? 

Yes, every device comes with data valid for one month. 

Is the weekly 100? ta bonus once a week? 

No, it’s available weekly at random. but guaranteed on Sundays if you subscribe via any of our digital channels.

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