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Don’t miss these Data Plans if you’re planning for a better YOU!

Don’t miss these Data Plans if you’re planning for a better YOU!

Don’t miss these Data Plans if you’re planning for a better YOU!

Everyone wishes to wake up to a new dream. That is a basic fact of everyday reality – life is more fun and exciting when it is lived on a series of well-thought-out plans - yes, plansand dreams that drive an individual all the way to specific goals and achievements. But let’s make it clear right from the start that these plans and dreams are usually different from individual to individual, from time to time, from place to place, but what remains consistent is the desire to look forward to great things and succeed in them. And most probably the question is: what does it take to make a success of anything? Well, it might just take being inspired to do something, and planning or working out the ways and means of achieving it. 

Yes, that is pretty much true about success, and the Internet today has clearly proven to be a vital tool in connecting dreams to reality, connecting people to places of their dreams, transforming little stories into global sensations, in making a previously unknown city to become a place of global tourism interest. The list, like all human dreams, is limitless! 

‘Limitless’ has become the buzzword today to describe the power of the Internet. Google it, tweet it, Whatsapp it, download it, upload it, stream it, share it, email it – these are everyday phrases that indicate that our world is moving much too fast and that people need the Internet at all hours, for different reasons at different times. 

At Spectranet – the WiFi Network, a leading Internet service provider in Lagos and other cities, we can easily relate to the importance of the Internet in people’s lives and recognize that one size does not fit it all when it comes to data plans. That is why as a wireless Internet network in Nigeria, we have affordable and reliable data plans that meet the different browsing needs of our subscribers. 

Let’s go straight to it and take a look at some of the amazing data plans in no particular order.

Mega Value Plans:

These are monthly data-capped plans ranging from 18GB to 100GB. Now, who needs this much data on a monthly basis? Well, if you are like Cynthia, a self-employed artist who creates designs for which she downloads and uploads large files, then Mega Value Plan is the way to go. But this is the catch with Mega Value Plan: if your job requires you to work for about seven hours at night starting from 1 am, then you will definitely get unlimited data, and that means absolutely free browsing until 8 am! It is a DoMore benefit you won’t get anywhere else. And that is some savings on the cost of data for Cynthia and her business.

Unified Value Plans: 

Unified Value Plan is ideal for your browsing needs if you are an early riser - that will be explained in a moment. Before then, these amazing monthly data-capped plans range from 7GB to 16GB. Imagine you just got home after a stressful day and slumped on your bed after taking a shower, then you wake up at the four o’clock hour of the morning and you are refreshed to catch up with your task for the day ahead. With Unified Value Plan, you have just woken up to additional DoMore browsing benefits. Yes, for those hours starting from 4 am, your browsing comes absolutely free and unlimited! So, the Unified Value Plan is not just amazing for offering you different GBs as you can afford, it is amazing for also giving you a head start for the day with free unlimited browsing from 4 am to 8 am. If I were you, I would not sleep on this!

Always-On Plan: 

Need we say much on this? Data needs are different just like individual plans and dreams are different. Always-On is a monthly plan that takes you to another level of browsing experience with 120GB of data – that means you enjoy unlimited browsing where FUP applies @512 kbps post-consumption of main account data. If that is technical, this is what it means in simple terms. When you have exhausted 120GB of data and you still have some days left before the expiry date, you are not disconnected. You will keep enjoying the internet connection, but this time at the speed of 512 kilobytes per second (kbps). Yes, you are Always-On until expiration – that is the way you roll when you are connected to unlimited wireless home internet.


Kulele Data Plans:

Whatever is the origin of the word KULELE, the tone connotes an enjoyable, hitch-free, exciting state of mind. You know that feeling when you are on the beach without worries on your mind when the cool breeze of the sea excites your face into a genuine, beautiful smile – that is the exact same feeling you get on Kulele Data Plans: absolute peace of mind all the way! It is absolute peace of mind for being affordable and for being superfast and for giving you more. Such a super exciting plan will always bring great movies to mind and inspire you to stream it all on your Netflix, or great games of football you want to watch over and over. Nothing stops you – you are free to wax lyrical like Ku-kuKulele, Kulele!

Kulele Plans are in two categories: Kulele and Kulele+. As much as that is self-explanatory, it doesn’t cost a byte of data to point out that Kulele+ takes it a notch higher than Kulele; but either way, take it to the bank that you are in for a great browsing ride!

Mini Plan: 

All plans, like all fingers, are not equal, that is why there is something for everyone on Spectranet. The Mini Plan is your sure bet for data needs that range from 2GB to 10GB with DoMore benefits of up to 10GB promo. The validity period is between 7 and 10 days, and thinking of Mini Plans will certainly remind one that great things start small. Yes, whether you are on the big or small plans, what matters is that you are on Spectranet – the WiFi Network, and that is all you need to go all the way.

It’s all in your hands now!

On Spectranet – the WiFi Network – nothing stops your browsing experience. With amazing data plans that inspire you to do spectacular things, the world is your oyster. Day and night, 24-7, the power to explore your world is in your hands, and you are the next biggest sensation the world is out there, waiting for. Log on, switch over to what really matters.


On a final note

Spectranet – the WiFi Network is the pioneer 4GLTE Internet network in Nigeria with diverse products and services that are reliable, affordable and trusted to deliver to your home, estate, or office a superfast Internet experience. The service portfolios include 4GLTE, Enterprise Business and Fixed Ultra-Broadband (Home Fiber & Fiber On Air). Learn more at



Does Free Unlimited Data mean that the subscriber will enjoy hours of unlimited browsing? Yes. Free Unlimited Data means that from the specified hours, your data consumption is frozen as you browse unlimited. 

What does Free Unlimited Data mean? Free Unlimited Data means that there is no limit to your data consumption. You can upload, stream, download etc. without spending a byte of data

Is Free Unlimited Data available on all Plans? No. It is only available on Mega Value Plans and Unified Value Plans. 

Can a subscriber switch from one plan to another before expiration? Yes - but the balance data on the initial plan will be forfeited. 

Are they top-up plans on the data plans?  Yes. There are top-up plans. However, the validity period of the initial plan will still apply.

Can a subscriber renew a subscription online? Yes, this is possible as there are digital channels for this purpose.

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