Spectranet Internet services are changing broadband experiences

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In homes and offices, here is how Spectranet Internet services are changing broadband experiences

In homes and offices, here is how Spectranet Internet services are changing broadband experiences

In homes and offices, here is how Spectranet Internet services are changing broadband experiences

Get out of bed in the morning, your first instinct is to pick up your mobile device to browse the Internet to keep track of what might have shifted in our world while we slept. So, yeah, it has become a cliché of a sort that the Internet has changed the way we live. Yes, we can no longer imagine how life would be without it. Try as we may, the Internet cannot be wished away!

Let’s think of it: What aspect of human endeavour has not been shaped by this amazing phenomenon? Is it sports, business, health, gaming, social interaction, fashion, education, or lifestyle – the list will definitely run into a megabyte of the document. Is that an exaggeration? Well… maybe not.

That said, as Internet users, we often get so carried away with the power of the Internet that we hardly ever stop to appreciate the products and services that make it amazing and exciting for us to browse and enjoy, not just value for money, but also to experience absolute peace of mind. Internet service providers in Nigeria come in different shapes and capacities, and everything depends on technology, innovation, the scope and capacity to serve Internet delicacies that satisfy our hunger to consume so much of what is out there on the Internet. 

This is where Spectranet – the WiFi Network – easily comes to mind. As a leading service provider in Nigeria delivering reliable Internet and broadband services in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan and Port Harcourt, Spectranet is value-integrated to offer diverse, reliable and affordable services to homes and offices. And without much ado, let’s take a look into the portfolio that makes Spectranet thick as a leading service provider in Nigeria! 

Enterprise Business Solutions

What a good place to start! From the small to the big, the world of business is one of the important fields that have hugely benefited from the Internet. Every business is set up to reach a particular demographic, and without a reliable and dedicated Internet for businesses, relationship management will always be business as usual. Spectranet Enterprise Business Solution changes all that with a package that connects your business to profitability. It is fitted with the latest SDWAN with next-generation security, Dedicated Internet Link, Managed WiFi, flexible and expandable bandwidth that helps to determine data needs and the associated cost and more – Wait a minute, there is a dedicated account manager whose only job is to attend to your queries and ensure that you have and enjoy a seamless Internet experience. And because Spectranet is committed to quality service on the Enterprise Business Solution, there is an uptime guarantee of up to 98.5% and availability of online usage reports. But that is only half the story.

Here is what you need to keep in mind as an entrepreneur: when your business is connected to a secure and reliable Internet service, you would be enabled to communicate with your diverse stakeholders and target audience in real-time, and projects would be executed across markets and collaboration fostered among team members. What about the ease of doing business with affordable connectivity? It is a business like never before with flexibility that brings more dynamism to your business prospects in ways you might not have considered.

Why not now? Choose to be more strategic with a reliable connection for profitability – Enterprise Business Solution comes highly recommended.


As the pioneer 4GLTE in Nigeria, Spectranet has got many firsts as a leading Internet service provider. For homes, families and offices, the 4GLTE technology boasts a wide range of modems. Call it MiFi or device, dongle or router, Spectranet boasts of a wide range of stylish, fabulous shapes and sizes. And one of the amazing features of a Spectranet modem is that it is built to connect up to 10 devices, whether in the office or at home or on the go. What is more, one cannot talk about Spectranet modems without adding that DoMore browsing benefits are packed into each device. What does that mean? Oh, well, DoMore benefits including Free Unlimited Night Browsing (from 1 am to 8 am), and Free Unlimited Morning Browsing (from 4 am-8 am) offer you, the subscriber, over 200 hours of unlimited data on a monthly basis. Read that again, and it is true over and over!

Let’s break it down so you can get the full picture. If your preferred plan comes with the DoMore benefits of Free Unlimited Night Browsing, that means for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 hours you do not spend a byte of data – yes, you do not spend a byte of data – for all your downloads, uploads and browsing time; and if your preferred plan comes with the DoMore benefit of Free Unlimited Morning Browsing, you are entitled to do all the browsing you want for four hours at a stretch absolutely FREE! And these benefits are available MORNING and NIGHT throughout the validity period of your data subscription on your Spectranet Mobile MiFi. If that is not amazing, show me what is!

Spectranet data plans are reliable and affordable, making them one of the best Internet data plans in Nigeria. As a student or someone whose life depends on the internet to meet his daily activities on the go, Spectranet 4GLTE comes in as a must-have, and if you are picnicking with friends and family, be sure that up to 10 of you will be connected to a Spectranet MiFi. It is better experienced than imagined!

Fixed Ultra-Broadband Services

Estate residents where are you at? This one is for you! Yes, oftentimes and for most things, estate residents share services in common for more efficiency and convenience. Imagine what it would look like if everyone in the estate had their respective sources of power generation facility; imagine a scenario where every household in the estate had their respective sources of water supply. Well, you would agree that life can be a lot better than that! Now, instead of imagining what a single Unlimited Internet service to your estate would look like, here is what we have got for you!

Spectranet Fixed Ultra-Broadband service is your game changer! It is a seamless, superfast, and reliable Internet service powered by world-class technology. It offers truly unlimited data at affordable pricing, industry-leading uptime and a personalized elite care customer service model. These and more are fully packed into Spectranet Fixed Ultra-Broadband Service, which comes in two service options: Fiber-On-Air and Home Fiber. 

On the Spectranet broadband service, superfast Internet connection for homes and offices is absolutely guaranteed, and both are being rolled out in many estates, neighbourhoods and business districts across Lagos and Abuja. Is your estate connected yet? There is no better time to bring the world right into the comfort of your home and estate so you and your family can stream movies, download and upload binge on everything that means the world to the household.

Parting shot

What more do you want your Internet service provider to do for you? Spectranet – the WiFi Network –has got you covered in every way the Internet is important to you. It is the pioneer 4GLTE Internet network in Nigeria with diverse products and services that are reliable, affordable and trusted to deliver to your home, estate, or office a superfast Internet experience. The service portfolios include 4GLTE, Enterprise Business and Fixed Ultra-Broadband (Home Fiber & Fiber-On-Air). Learn more at www.spectranet.com.ng




  1. On what Spectranet product and service can a subscriber enjoy the DoMore benefits of Free Unlimited Night Browsing and Free Unlimited Morning Browsing?On the 4GLTE which has a wide range of modems that are fully packed with such benefits


  1. For small to medium-scale enterprises, which Spectranet product and service is most preferred? All Spectranet modems are designed to offer reliable Internet service. However, Enterprise Business Solution may be recommended in this regard.


  1. For estate residents and offices in a particular location, which Spectranet product and service will be recommended for a reliable and affordable Internet experience? Spectranet Fixed Ultra-Broadband Service will be your best option.


  1. What are some of the features that make Spectranet Enterprise Business Solution the preferred choice for businesses? Just to mention a few: dedicated Internet link, flexible and expandable bandwidth, dedicated account manager, Spectranet SDWAN solutions, and cloud VAS solutions.


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