Data Sim Adoption for Internet Connection

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Data Sim Adoption for Internet Connection

Data Sim Adoption for Internet Connection

…It’s Time to ‘BUGA’ the Spectranet Way

“Hey, Timi, why do you have a separate SIM for Data?”

“Wait o Timi, how come you can still access your live WhatsApp messages while making Voice Calls?”

… In recent times, I have been asked a lot of questions like these. Most of my friends seem surprised that I currently use a Data Sim to access the internet on my phone.

Young, Smart peeps who need good quality internet for their phone but live on a low income, have now adopted the Data Sim Lifestyle. It is a new behavior in town!

Let me feel you in.

Owning an Internet Modem or Router from Spectranet is great, but as a student or low-income earner, you probably might not be able to afford one at the moment. We understand…No Modem, No problem!

Data Sim to the rescue!

You probably use a phone that has multiple Sim-Slots. Maybe 2 or even 3 Sim slots? Now all you have to do is, dedicate one of your Sim Slots to Your Spectranet Data Sim. With Spectranet Data Sim, you can now make better use of your multiple Sim Smart Phone.

This a smart move that will save you money while you focus on your game.

Simply buy a Spectranet Data Sim, Insert it into the extra Sim slot on your Smart Device or any Smart Device that comes with a Sim Slot, and Enjoy on-the-go access to a High-speed Internet connection.


  1. 1. Affordability: Data Sims come at almost no cost, especially when compared to the cost of a MiFi. For as low as 1000 naira, you can get a Spectranet Data Sim that comes with 3GB
  2. 2. Same High-Speed Internet Experience: As long as you have subscribed to an Internet plan, your Data Sim will supply you Data just as fine as a MiFi will.
  3. 3. Convenience: This portable Sim fits easily into any phone sim slot, making it easy to carry everywhere with you.
  4. 4. Enjoy Voice Calls and Data Connection: Data Sim users on the Spectranet Network enjoy a combination of Voice Minutes and Data. Users can connect to the internet and also make voice calls to all networks.
  5. 5. Zero Internet Interruption during Voice Calls: A Data Sim gives you the Freedom to stay connected to the internet even during Voice Calls. So you can still access your live WhatsApp messages, stay connected to your Zoom meeting while on a regular Voice Call and Do More.


Think about it, you get to enjoy so many benefits from a Data Sim – On a small budget!

Switch to the WIFI NETWORK.

Buga the Spectranet way, GET A SPECTRANET DATA SIM!

To get a Spectranet Data Sim, Visit any Spectranet Exclusive Shop or Authorized dealer near you.

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